People Pleasers Workshop 

In 2023, I hosted three rounds of my People Pleasers Workshop. I was truly blown away by the support of it - we had people join from all over the world, all to connect on a similar internal feeling. For a limited time, I'm selling the recording of the People Pleasers Workshop, in case you missed it live. In this Zoom workshop, I'll guide you through the root of people pleasing and how we can heal the pattern. I'll teach you tangible tools to integrate into your everyday life so that you can live more peacefully and aligned.

This workshop includes: a presentation on healing people pleasing, a guided meditation, a guided visualization exercise and journaling prompts. 

This workshop is for you if:
~you struggle with setting boundaries 
~you constantly think people are mad at you
~you're hyper-vigilant in relationships, leading to overthinking and overanalyzing 
~you have a fear of being seen as 'bad' or of getting in trouble
~you avoid conflict/difficult conversations at all costs 
~you don't have a strong sense of your interests, opinions or preferences

This workshop is not therapy and is not a replacement for 1:1 support! This workshop is for educational purposes only.

recording available for purchase

recording available for purchase


Thank you for being here, exactly as you are.

With warmth,

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